The new album from Wes Hoke featuring 15 self-writen, self-recorded, and self-engineered by Wes Hoke in his home studio. The tracks have a wide variety of influences and genre blending sounds, but all have the signature style of Wes Hoke's writing and producing style. The title of this ablum Charlie Don't Surf was inspired by a surfing accident in southern California that nearly cost Wes his right eye. It is a quote from the movie Apocalypse Now, by Robert Duvall, talking about soldiers trying to surf while in Vietnam. The songs are a range of songs written between 2000 and 2012. Wes plans on recording more of songs he has written over the past 15 years in the near future. Click the album cover to preview the album and buy. You can also listen to the new album in its entirely and explore the album more in-depth on the MUSIC page.

A 17 Track acoustic CD Wes recorded at his father's studio, Moonrise Studios, in central Pennsylvania. Wes spent about a month multi-tracking for first time on a computer, and create this demo to spread his music. This was the real start of the his music career, when he recorded this album and then formed Root 74 and started playing the live scene to get his music out there. Hoke recently re-mastered this recording the best quality he could and is re-releasing it the public for free. Click the image to go to the album page and get it.  Copyright 2002 Wesley Hoke.