This song was the first song written on Hoke's 50th Anniversary Stratocaster(1954-2004), the week he bought it. At the time, Wes was going through a terrible break-up and was lower than low. This song is raw emotion pleading for one last chance with his lost love, a woman who loved sunflowers.  The growling electric guitar, mixed with the heartfelt lyrics, portrays the sadness and emotion captured during the writing of this song.

All this time, it ain't time at all
each and every moment, every step I fall

Seasons change, but time remains the same
the flowers grow but they forget my name

What If I could plant a seed?
Could a field of sunflowers be your dream?
And if I could grow you a field so green?
Will you give me the light I need?

Rain may come, and wash it all away
but the flowers will grow here again someday

(Copyright 2012, Wes Hoke)