Wes started playing guitar around the age of 13. He grew up in a house of live music with his father being a musician and songwriter in The Not Guilty Band. His father was his greatest mentor. Although he didn't give Wes guitar lessons so he would develop his own ear and sound, he did teach him the business of music, the importance of practicing and rehearsing constantly, the art of self-promotion, and the importance of persistently performing. At the age of 17, he got his first genuine Fender Stratocaster, and the beginning of the original music began. Since then, he has written and composed over 75 songs, and continues to create new music.


In 1993 he started playing with drummer Arias Brownback and formed Natural Sensation with the additions of Rory Carlin on Guitar and Drew Foose on Bass. With their Pink Floyd influenced Grunge, they created their own 90s sound with the music movement that took place. With tracks like "The Mountain", "The Conceited Fool" and "Yesterday" they had a sound like no other.  With no budget, no experience, or no equipment, the band developed a following through word of mouth and began playing the scene. They recorded their first album, but the band dissolved during the recording of their 2nd album, and it was never finished. Click the pic of the band to hear music samples.


At age 20, Wes and his longtime friend Joe Pifer recruited the help of John and Mike Suhina, twin brothers from Harrisburg, PA, that formed the rhythm section of their band Spare Change (A.K.A The Freeman Hollow Boys). They started with a few of Hoke's originals and added in a few cover tunes and started rocking the area. The band rocked original songs like "The Mountain", "Sunshine" and "Jimbob Welfare" as well as classic covers from Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and others. The band recorded a few live recordings that are still around. Click the pic to hear them.


After a few years of a songwriting drought, Wes formed a new band with his roommate Jim Breon, and their friend Tommy Lynch, making U.B.D. (Universal Black Dog). The trio was influenced from everything from Folk and Classic Rock to Hip-Hop and Reggae. They incorporated every sound they could into their original jams and covers by artists such as Sublime, Operation Ivy, Jurassic 5 all the way back to classics such as Zeppilin, Hendrix and The Grateful Dead. After the break-up of UBD, Wes took his songwriting to a whole new level, recorded his first acoustic album and founded his current band: Root 74.