The members section is coming soon and will provide access to subscribers for $1.50 a month to gain access to listen and download all recordings from the studio, acoustic arrangements, rare old recordings, live shows and songs in progress. This section will also include full lyrics, chord charts, exclusive live shows, discounted merchandise, nostalgic stuff, and much more! This is an opportunity as a fan to directly support the future of this band and the music that Wes is constantly working on, without the band being taxed by a record or promotional company (although I had to make the access price $1.50 instead of $1.00 to cover the 2.5% + $.30 charge from the credit card company). All the money from this subscription will go directly to the band to buy more equipment for live shows, more robust equipment for recording at home, the ability to provide more merchandise for you to purchase (at a discounted price of course), and eventually possibly steady income for everyone in this band. If you feel you can part with $1.50 a month in the name of the band, you will have access to all of it. We want to revolutionize the way people get their music from the artist, instead of letting the CEOs decide how and where you listen.  We will send out regular communications through emails about stuff posting to the site. We are anxious to get to work for all of you. For those that have supported us since 2002 or those have recently discovered us, there will be something for everyone. It's a lot to do, so stay tuned. I've got some work to do ------   Wes