Root 74 was formed in the Fall of 2002, when Wes Hoke recorded a CD of acoustic songs and wanted to begin performing live again. He recruited former bandmate Mike Suhina and the two immediately started putting beats and rhythms to Wesley's acoustic arrangements. Then a lucky classified ad scored Jamie Aston on the bass guitar, a highly recommended jam band veteran from the area. Wesley then contacted keyboardist John Rivero, and old friend of his father's, to put together a power jam band that hit the scene. Since the formation Root 74 has added and subtracted members for a variety of reasons. See the current lineup below.


Wesley has been a singer and songwriter since an early age and has continued the passion through the present day. Growing up around live music helped influence his decision to pursue the passion himself. A blues and southern rock guitar sound has been his signature style of playing while he pulls from all genres of music when writing songs. He has played around the Central PA in bands such as Spare Change and Universal Black Dog.


Jamie provides the moving and grooving with smooth low tones from his bass guitar. He is one half of the rhythm section in the band. Jamie has been playing Bass Guitar since 1993 blending influences like jazz, fusion, funk and blues to create his signature style of bass. He pulls influences from bands such as Phish and Grateful Dead. Jamie has been playing on the east coast for years in bands like Into the Woods, Finks Constant, and Nacho Ma.